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  Watford Electronics RAM/ROM Board

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WE RAM/ROM board top 

Watford Electronics RAM/ROM Board (top) 

WE RAM/ROM Board bottom 

Watford Electronics RAM/ROM Board (bottom) 

The Watford Electronics RAM/ROM board can support 8 x 16k dynamic RAM banks, 3 additional ROM sockets and 1 static RAM bank with optional battery backup. In the top picture the dynamic RAM banks are the 8 columns of 2 chips in the top right of the board. The leftmost 2 columns are socketted. The 3 green ROM sockets on the bottom right, from the left, are ROMs 15, 13 & 12 respectively. The leftmost 2 green sockets are for 2 x 8K static RAM. Below and to the left is an area marked "BATT" which is for battery backup to preserve the contents of the static RAM when the BBC is switched off. The big socket to the left of the battery area is a socket for the 6502 CPU which is removed from the motherboard during installation, the socket in the bottom picture plugs into the 6502 socket on the motherboard.

More details of configuration and use are in the user guide HERE