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In 1996 Dave Atkins and FocusIT decided to build their own computers and set up MicroDigital  to produce their own RISC OS designs. The target market was home and home education users. MicroDigital's first product was the Medi, then Mico, then the Alpha Notebook and finally the much more ambitious Omega. Unfortunately MicroDigital ceased trading in 2005 with the Omega still not completed to its original specification although an unknown number had been shipped to customers.

Manuals and documents

Here is a MicroDigital Alpha Poster
Here is a MicroDigital Omega Poster 



The MicroDigital Medi, launched in August 1998, was a repackaged A7000+, with an Acorn A7000+ motherboard in a bright blue case. According to Risc User the specification was:

Unfortunately the Medi was launched as Acorn was dismembered and it is not clear to me how many were produced or if any were actually sold.

I do not have one. [Wanted]


The Mico was an ARM7500 based computer similar to the Acorn A7500+ and the RiscStation R7500.

Here are further details and some pictures of the Mico .


The Alpha was a Windows notebook running the Virtual Acorn emulator and RISC OS 4.03. Its specification was:

Note: The specification was subject to regular upgades as PC technology changed, so it may not be 100% correct for a specific Alpha Notebook.


The Omega was intended to be a step beyond the Acorn RiscPC with a new architecture. According to Foundation RISC User the specification was:

I am not sure how many of these features were actually implemented. But a small number (ca. 100?) were delivered to customers after much delay.

I have not got an Omega. [Wanted]