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BBC Microcomputer Model B+ 128K

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The BBC Model B+ 128K was the final BBC model, it squeezed every last bit of memory out of the 8-bit computer. It is the same as the BBC Model B+ 64K with the addition of a further 64K RAM which is used as sideways RAM and can have ROM images loaded into it. Compared to the BBC Model B, it has:

It was launched in 1984 shortly after the BBC Model B+ 64K and was soon replaced by the BBC Master.

Manuals and documents

See BBC Micro .

In November 1985 Acorn User published a News item titled "Enter ther 128k Beeb".
In December 1985 Practical Computing magazine published a review titled "BBC Plug-ins "

 BBC Model B+128K 

I bought this example on ebay in October 2002. It is in near mint condition, still having the plastic film on the keystrip. Here are some pictures:

BBC B+ 128K box 

BBC Model B +128K box

BBC B+ 128K in box  

BBC Model+128K in polys.

Note the distinguishing 128K labels on the back left, on the keystrip and at the right front.

BBC B+ 128K open  

BBC Model +128k with the top off.

You can just see the additional RAM on a vertical board on the right of the picture.

BBC B+ 128K Motherboard  

BBC Model +128K motherboard

The BBC Model B+ 128K has a vertical 64K RAM card on the extreme right. This additional 64K is used as sideways RAM and can have ROM images loaded into it.


Serial No.01-ANB55-7504545
Motherboard233,000 Issue 1
CPURockwell R6512PE
CPU Clock2MHz
ROM48KB (maximum 192K ROM)
Disc ControllerWD1770PH
Disc Filing SystemDFS 2.23