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Here are some of my collection of Acorn and RISC OS computers. The collection started when I bought my second Acorn computer (A310) and kept the first one (BBC Model B), gradually I accumulated more and more Acorn computers until now I have a bedrooom full of computers and other Acorn bits and pieces. This site is a desparate attempt to catalog them and also share some of the information which I have collected over the years with others.

As well as the computers I have obviously collected many versions of Acorn's Operating Systems , this is a list of the OS versions and platforms that I know of.

In the descriptions below, if you click on the thumbnail photos, you will bring up a larger image. The [Wanted]  link goes to my Wanted  page, there are also [Wanted]  links on items I want.

Although I don't think benchmarks tell you a lot about a computer, apart from its ability to run benchmarks, I have included a Performance page for RISC OS Computers. This is mainly to show the relative performance of the differnet computers and the change with time.

I have considered various arrangements to list and display the many hardware upgrades and expansion that have been producted for Acorn computers. I have decided to document those installed in a particular computer with the computer but also to provide seperate pages for each item so I can document those not installed in any system as well. Naturally Acorn is included as one of the major upgrade suppliers. Because of the numbers I have split the upgrades into 8bit Upgrades and 32bit Upgrades, The dividing line is the ARM processor, every thing before ARM I have called 8bit even if it may not strictly true for some co-processors. I have also added a seperate pair of indexes by function so, for example, it is easier to find all the SCSI cards.

System Computers


BBC Micro

Reuters APM Board 


Acorn Business Computer


BBC Master

BBC Master AIV & Domesday Project



RISC iX Acorn's Unix

A5000 & A4 

A3010, A3020 & A4000

Pocket Book

Risc PC Computers

A7000 Computers

Network Computers and prototypes

Phoebe 2100 (RiscPC 2) and the end of Acorn

RISC OS after Acorn