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Hong Kong BBC Microcomputer

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Because of the unexpected success of the BBC Micro, Acorn had to look to the Far East for additional manufacting capacity. They signed up with Wong Electronics in Hong Kong. Wong Electronics mainly supplied the Far East and Australian (and New Zealand?) market. This BBC Micro is one of those assembled in Hong Kong. In addition the US and German models were also manufacutred in Hong Kong. I don't know how many were eventually made there.

Manuals and documents

See BBC Micro .

Hong Kong BBC Model B

I bought this BBC Micro privately in 2009. As you can see it came from Holland and is branded with the school name. From the dates on the ICs it appear that this BBC B was manufactured in early 1985.

Hong Kong BBC B top

 Hong Kong BBC B (top)

Note the name of the Dutch school deeply engraved in the top of the case. The key strip is probably not genuine as most (all?) issue 7 BBC Micros say "British Broadcasting Corporation Microcomputer System" on the right side.

Hong Kong BBC B back

 Hong Kong BBC B (back)

Hong Kong BBC B PSU

 Hong Kong BBC B Power Supply

A close up of the power supply showing that it was assembed in Hong Kong by Wong's Electronics, Ltd H.K.

Hong Kong BBC B bottom

 Hong Kong BBC B (bottom)

Note the large indent in the bottom of the case above the ports, this was used in the US model for Warnings and additional information.

Hong Kong BBC B serial Number

 Hong Kong BBC B serial number

A close up of the serial number which is unusual because BBC Micros usually have a product code ANBxx, rather than just B01.

Hong Kong BBC B assembled in Hong Kong

Hong Kong BBC B "Assembled in Hong Kong" label

Close up of the right side of the label showing the "Assembled in Hong Kong".

Hong Kong BBC B open

 Hong Kong BBC B with top removed

Hong Kong BBC B with keyboard removed

 Hong Kong BBC B with keyboard removed

Hong Kong BBC B motherboard

 Hong Kong BBC B motherboard

The BBC issue 7 motherboard only has the OS1.20 and Basic II ROMs installed on the bottom right. The Econet upgrade is installed in the top left, but no networking ROM is installed so the Econet interface is not recognised at start up. The sockets in the bottom left are for a disc interface which has not been installed.

Here is a HiRes picture of the BBC Issue 7 motherboard .


Serial No.02-UNB09-1009723
Motherboard223,000 Issue 1
CPU Clock2MHz
ROM32MB (16KB +
16KB sideway ROM)
Disc ControllerIntel 8271
Disc Filing SystemDFS 0.90
Add-in/UpgradesSpeech System