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German Acorn Electron

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This is a German Electron. Until 2003 I hadn't know that Acorn produced a German version of the Electron.

Manuals and documents


German Electron

I bought this Electron on ebay in October 2003. It has a redesigned motherboard and heavy copper shielding, see the photographs below.

German Electron  

German Electron

German Electron, from the outside you cannot seen and difference from the UK Electron.

German Electron open  

German Electron open

German Electron opened. Note the copper sheilding all round the system. The motherboard has also been redesigned.

German Electron, Introductory cassette aand User Guide  

German Electron with Introductory cassette and User Guide

German Electron with Introductory cassette on left and User Guide on right (in German of course!).


Serial No.07-GLA01-1012560
MotherboardGerman Electron
205,200 issue 1
CPUSynerteck SY6502 
CPU clock2MHz