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BeebMaster Econet Module

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Ian Wolstenholme describes the BeebMaster Econet Module   (slightly edited) as:

In possibly the first full Acorn 8-bit related manufacturing project of the twenty-first century, the BeebMaster Econet Module is a high-quality alternative to the hard-to-find Acorn Econet module. Made and assembled in the U.K., the BeebMaster Econet Module plugs into the sockets provided on the motherboard of the BBC Master and later machines.

These Econet Modules have been specially produced for BeebMaster. They are suitable for the BBC Master 128, Master Compact, Acorn FileStore and practically all the 32-bit Acorn range including the A305, A310, A410, A420, A440, A540, A3000, A3020, A4000 and A5000.

The module is supplied with ANFS 4.25 ROM for use on the BBC Master 128.


I do not have a BeebMaster Econet Module.


The BeebMaster Econet Module is suitable for the BBC Master and many of the Archimedes range,

Where to Buy

Buy from BeebShop . For all enquiries, please contact BeebMaster at


BeebMaster Econet Module top

picture © Beebmaster

BeebMaster Econet Module (top)

BeebMaster Econet Module back

picture © BeebMaster

 BeebMaster econet Module (back)


At its heart is the 68B54 Advanced Data Link Controller together with five other integrated circuits.