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New Products for Old Computers

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Since Acorn was broken up in 1998, a number of people and companies have continued to produce upgrades to help extend the life of aging Acorn Computers. In the last few years a number of upgrades have appeared for BBC Micros and Master 128s as well as for RISC OS computers. The Acorn magazine and internet news sites are slowly consolidating or disappearing. Many of the upgrades come from individuals, who may not have the resources for a lot of advertising, so that if you miss the announcement because it is not announced in Archive, or c.s.a.announce etc. , you may miss the product entirely. Because these are small producers, products may be made in small batches or even on demand which may result in some unavailability or delays.

This is an index for some of these products and links to the producers' sites so you can order them, help sustain a market and prolong the life of your computer. BTW I will be breaking my rule here and including products I do not personally own to ensure they are documented, the ones I do own will also appear in 8bit Upgrades or 32bit Upgrades.

If you have, or know of, a hardware product which you think ought to be included here, please email me at:

Where to buy

There are a number of places to buy upgrades, these include:

BBC Micro & Master Upgrades (8-bit)

Networking (includes Econet and Ethernet)

Memory (including ROMs and RAM)


Storage (Disc controllers and memory cards)

Second and co-processors


RISC OS Upgrades (32-bit)

Graphics cards