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RetroClinic BBC 8 Bit IDE Interface

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Mark Haysman describes the BBC 8 Bit IDE Interface on the RetroClinic  web site as:

This new style 8 Bit IDE interface for the BBC and Master range of computers, plugs into the 1MHz bus port. Via various patched operating systems, it allows you to connect standard IDE hard drives to your Beeb.

The standard interface measures only 62cm x 39cm, and is easily mounted in cases by using 2 PCB guides, which can be supplied separately. The board connects to power via a 4 pin header, which is pin compatible with standard floppy drive connectors, and the 12v supply pin is not used. There is a single jumper on the board, JP1, which supplies power to pin 20, for drives and adaptors that can make use of this feature.

The main options are:


I do not yet own a RetroClinic BBC 8 Bit IDE Interface.


The BBC 8 Bit IDE interface is compatible with the BBC Model B, B+ and Master 128.

Where to Buy

Further details, including how to buy, are available from The BBC 8bit IDE interface may not be available as it is no longer on the RetrocClininc website.


RetroClinic BBC 8 Bit IDE Interface

 Picture © RetroClinic 

 RetroClinic BBC 8 Bit IDE Interface circuit board