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Sprow Master 10/100 Net ethernet module

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The Master 10/100 Net ethernet module allows a BBC Master to communicate with an Ethernet network, sharing folders and peripherals with other computers. The board comes with the following features:

  1. 10/100Mbps data transfer
  2. Automatic connection of crossover cables allowing 2 computers to be directly connected without a switch or hub
  3. Automatic negotiation of link options to minimise setup complexity
  4. Automatic network address setup to miimise setup complexity
  5. 76kbytes of RAM for packet buffers to speed transfers
  6. 1kbyte of non volatile memory to save the network configuration
  7. .Interoperates with IEEE802.3af PoE switches for networks supporting the power over ethernet standard.

The network software supports ARP, DHCP, TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, NETBIOS, SMB AND ICMP.

 I have installed the Master 10/100 Net ethernet module in an upgraded Master 128  and found that it works very well. It was easy to install and configure. When connected to my home LAN, it used DHCP to request and receive an IP address, Net mask, Gateway and DNS address. It used both a local hosts file and DNS to resolve network addresses and I could ping other computers on the LAN. It connected to a PC running Windows 2000 server in a workgroup and I was able to access files from the PC on the Master. I could also connect to a Risc PC and access a shared directory via SMBServer! I intend to use it to transfer BBC discs to my PC and then to Chris's Acorns.

Where to Buy

Further details, including how to buy, are on Sprow's web pages .


Sprow Master 10/100 Net ethernet module

 Sprow Master 10/100 net ethernet module with ROM, cable and User Guide

Sprow Master 10/100 net ethernet module installed.

Sprow Master 10/100 net ethernet module installed in a Master 


See Sprow's web pages .


Here is the Master 10/100 Net User Guide . kindly supplied by Sprow.