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What's New 2004 Archive

[What's New] 

Chris's Acorns is getting regular additions and updates, this page provides a summary of the 2004 updates.

 31 Dec 2004: Unix page updated and corrected with information from Andrew Wickham. A540 pictures added and details updated.

 29 Dec 2004: Pictures of RiscPC600 added, added Acorn Webring link, added pictures of second RiscPC700.

 26 Dec 2004: After a long pause due to lots of "work". Added What is an Acorn Computer?

 20 Nov 2004: Added BBC Model A Issue 2 and some minor error corrections

 14 Nov 2004: Added RiscPC 700 photos

 8 Nov 2004: Added product codes to most system from the old Acorn catalogues and price lists. Started tidying up the after Acorn section.

 5 Nov 2004: Added German BBC Micro and pictures, corrected some minor errors

 4 Nov 2004: A7000 & A7000+ pictures added

31 Oct 2004: Added model numbers to the BBC Micro and Master, these come from the old Acorn price lists. Most of the RiscPC and A7000 page complete, needs photographs to complete. Updated wanted list.

 15 Oct 2004: Lots of spelling and typos corrected. Layout improved for pictures. BBC Model A added.

 12 Oct 2004: Added section on A440. Took a bit of time as the old MFM hard disc decided to play up and I had to archive it and reformat. Then the monitor I use broke ... But all's well now.

 24 Sept 2004: Added section on Archimedes, A500 and A310 loaded so far.

19 Sept 2004: Corrected the Meta Data which caused a problem in Fresco.

 18 Sept 2004: Added some Cats.

 16 Sept 2004: Added new section on the BBC Master AIV & Domesday Project.

14 Sept 2004: Created this What's New page. Updated the Home page with details of scanned documents. Added the OCRed text documents from the BBC Computer Literacy Project to the BBC page. Added OCR'ed PDFs of the Master Series and Master 512 leaflets to the Master page. Added pictures to the Master Compact.

12 Sept 2004: Added pictures and updated the Master 512 description