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What's New 2006 Archive

[What's New] 

30 December 2006: Added scan of ACW443 Service manual, it has taken over a week to scan and OCR nearly 200 A4 pages including circuit diagrams and parts lists. I would be doing another similar sized job in the near future! Thanks to Ben Harris for the original.

24 December 2006: Added some more Brochures (contributed by James Reed)

 22 December 2006: Added an Acorn OS page with details of all the OSs that I know that Acorn used. Linked Panos and RISC iX pages to them, seperating the OS details from the hardware.

 18 December 2006: Added Cambridge Co-processor and 32016 2nd processor.

 10 December: Added Cambridge Co-processor User Guide

30 October: Added Acorn 6502 second processor Service manual. 

 25 October: Added Torch 68000 boars, Watford 12ROM board, Acorn 6502 2nd processor User Guide.

22 October: Added Torch Z80 Disc Pack and manuals.

 12 September: Added Millipede Prisma 3

29 August: Updated the links section and added the Atom disc pack to the Atom page.

27 August: Added Busicomputers Prophet2 and Prophet3 to the Atom section.

22 August: Updated the Acorn Atom entry, added Aconsoft Atom Catalog, added Audio Computers 64K RAM card for Atom

20 August: Added Busicomputers Prophet2, Atom calc ROM board and Acorn Atom Technical manual. Split System & Atom into seperate sections.

18th August: BT Merlin M2105 added under Electron

17th August: Added A440/1, Acorn Bitstik, Oak Worra Winnie

14th August: Scanned and added Acorn brochures up to APP227 which announced the A3000 and added links from some of the computers to the brochures. Stopped because I got bored. I'll pick it up again in a month or two.
Added more hardware upgrades: IFEL A310 4MB RAM upgrade, CC Impression dongle, RAMAMP sideways RAM/ROM board and instructions, Watford RAM/ROM board & manual, A3000 4MB RAM and 13 ROM boards, NetProducts RC1, Computer Village Memory expansion & manual, Aconsoft Magic Mushrooms badge, Acorn 3B2 SCSI Streamer and Sprow's ARM7 co-processor.

17th July: Added RISC OS ROM upgrade instructions., Aleph1 2nd Processor and ARM3 instructions & Morley SCSI Utilities. Starting adding Acorn advertising brochures to documents, later they will be cross referenced to the item in the collection.

 16th July: Added Customer Service newsletters No. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 & 22. Added a number of Acorn discs to Software. Added Acorn Education News issue 2 & 6 and Higher Education News Issue 2. Added to Guarantee and Warrantee cards.

 14th July: Added Customer Service news Nos 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 &12

10th July: Added App Notes 206, 207, 223 and 276. Added Customer Service News 1 & 2 and CS Discs 14, 15 & 18

8th July: added Acorn Engineering News issues 1 &2 from 1987 to documents.

 3rd July: added Watford Electronics A3000 dual floppy adaptor, Morley Electronics Teletext Adaptor.

 2nd July: Added John Kortink's GoMMC and EMR BBC MIDI interface, updated HCCS Vision Digitiser and i3 EtherLAN500,

1 July 2006: Added master Compact Service manual to Documents.  

 24 June 2006: Added AKF80 manual, Acorn PC x86 Card User Guide, Acorn DNFS instruction booklet and CJE Micro's ARM3 fitting instructions to Documents.

 17 June 2006: Added BBC Disc Test System manual, some Guarantee/Warranty cards. BBC FIT instruction manual added.

 16 June 2006: Added RISC OS 3.00, 3.11, 3.60 and 3.7 release notes and verious other scanned Acorn manual and leaflets.

12 June 2006: Finished scanning Developers' newsletters. Added PC Exchange discs and user guide.

 3June 2006: Started adding Acorn Developers' Newsletters to Documents, Nos. 18-25 scanned and added. Also Developers' Newsletter Discs added to Software.

 29 May 2006: Added Acorn AGA31 PC card and manual, Baildon Electronics AnDi Oddule, Calligraph ArcLaser, Irlam Instruments i-Mage podule, Oak Solutions A3000 Internal expansion, HCCS A3000 SCSI Interface, JGHartson BBC IDE controller, Slogger Click

 22 May 2006: Added VTI SCSI manual, Morley SCSI manual, Yellowstone Mozart, Computer Concepts ROM/RAM podule, IFEL A3000 4MB RAM upgrade and Wild Vision 242/243 prototype podule.

 18 May 2006: Added APDL Blitz IdeA I/F, IFEL 2MB A5000 RAM upgrades, White Wind Logic Tele-Card

17 May 2006: Added A9home and completed the Advantage 9 page.

14 May 2006: Added Beebug A3000 1MB upgrade, Watford Electronics A310 2MB upgrade, 40MB SCSI hard disc, Digitiser, A5000 2MB Upgrade. Scanner I/F and scanner, HCCS HiVision digiter, Vertical twist SCSI I/F, ROMBO Vidi-ArchimedesDigitiser. Updated , Lingenuity SCSI I/F, WE IDE I/F

 24 April 2006: Added AVIE 2 slot backplane, Beebug VIDC Expander, Castle A30x0 IDE interface, Cumana 8 bit SCSI Interface, Simtec A300/A400 4-8MB RAM upgrade, TechnoLOG 4 slot backplane, Technomatic 5.25" disc interface, Vertical Twist 8bit SCSI & User port interface.

 23 April 2006: Added Computer Concepts Eagle M2 User Guide, Simtec A5000 RAM Upgrade, Simtec 16bit IDE, Wild Vision Hawk V9 and Hawk V10. Updated Simtec RiscPC VRAM.

 21 April 2006: Added Acorn A5000 RAM Upgrade, Computer Concepts Eagle M2, Calligraph Laser printer interface, Castle 32/16 bit SCSI II Interface. updated The Serial Por dual serial board, Computer Concepts Colour Card Gold and Chroma 300.

 17 April 2006: Added Solidisk Sideways RAM manual, Risc Developments IDE Hard Disc System User Guide.

16 April 2006: Added Computer Concepts Lark + user guide, Intelligent Interfaces Dual RS423 card, Oak SCSI (update), Risc Developments IDE, Wild Vision Chroma 300 + User Guide, Yellowstone RapIDE32 (update), Zeridajh Video Digitiser, HCCS SCSI User Guide.  

 11 April 2006: Added Wild Vision Midi Max, Midi Max II and Chroma 300, added The Serial Port, Dual Serial board and High Speed Serial card, Ashiv 8 port serial card and Computer Concepts scanlight video 256.

9 April 2006: Added eesox SCSI2 manual and SCSIDirector disc.  

 8 April 2006: Added HCCS A3000 Ultimate Expansion and CDROM micro podule. Added HCCS User & Analogue port and Ultimate CDROM User Guides.

 7 April 2006: Added Simtec Hydra, A3000 Ram upgrades, and various Simtec installation instructions added OAK A3000 RAM upgrade, and Acorn 32016 2nd processor card. later added Acorn Scarf and badge to Ephermera, prototype StrongARM CPU and Digithurst Microeye to 32bit upgrades.

 1 April 2006: Added Communicator User Guide to documents.

19 March 2006: Added Arabic Master Compact and reorganised BBC Master page. Added Pineapple Digitiser v1.01 and Armadillo A448 Issue 5. together with armadillo sample software.

12th March: Added Pineapple Digitiser manual.

 11th March: Added another 8 badges to Ephemera. Added Peartree ROM expansion, Acorn ALA32 RISC OS 3 hardware upgrade and Powertec SCSI card. Also added 2 pictures of my car in the About section. Split Upgrades into 8bit and 32bit.

 4th March 2006: Added Nexus DiscServer Manual and Nexus Utilities disc

3rd March 2006: Added Acorn Filestore E01S and E40S and Acorn X25 Gateway. Also added some Ephemera, 5 Acornsoft Badges and 2 Acorn mugs!

24 February 2006: Added MDFS, a selection of SJ Research Brochures, some Econet manuals, re-organised the Networking section into separate Econet, Ethernet bits etc. I think its Acorn FileStore next. and then Econet will be finished!!

 6 February 2006: Added to start of the network section of the site, it covers Econet, Ethernet and a bit of Nexus. Lots more still to do. Also various other upgrades and corrections.