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What's New 2008 Archive

[What's New ] 

31 December 2008: Updated page on RISCOS Ltd and the later versions of RISC OS.

30 December 2008: Updated After Acorn section.

29 December 2008: Added RiscStation NetWORXHD to After Acorn.

27 December 2008: Added Acorn Video Specifications to Documents -> Acorn->Technical.

24 December 2008: Added the Acorn System 5 Handbook to Documents -> Acorn -> Manuals. Note the handbook is OCRed from a set of JPG page scans which I have downloaded from somewhere, I do not have the original paper copy. Page 13 & 14 are mssing from the section on the 6502 CPU card.  

 16 December 2008: Added banner and link for RISC OS South West Show 2009 to home page. Added Acorn Prestel Sysatem User Guide to Documents->Acorn->Manuals.

 13 December 2008: Added Acorn Newsletters to Documents->Acorn.

 9 December 2008: Added more Acorn press releases to Documents.

4 December 2008: Added Acorn Developer and Dealer letters to Documents.  

 3 December 2008: Added Simtec IDE Filing System and Short Podule Expansion Card Fitting Instructions to Documents.

 2 December 2008: Added HCCS HiVision Digitiser User Guide and HiVision Installation v2 to Documents, added Acorn Fast A500s and Tube Podule circuit diagram to Documents and added Cumana Photo Album Volume 1 to Documents.

 1 December 2008: Added Acorn Technical Publishing System Technical Reference Manual to Documents->Acorn->Manuals.

21 November 2008: Added various Developer documents and Press releases.

18 November 2008: Added various Developer documents.

14 November 2008: Added various Sales/Dealer and Developer documents.

7 November 2008: Added Acorn Enhanced Expansion Card Specification Issue 5 to Documents->Acorn->Instructions and Technical documents.

6 November 2008: Added Network Card MkII Interface Specification and Safety Test Guidelines to Documents->Acorn->Instructions and Technical documents. Added Acornsoft View and BBC Micro Oder Form August 1983 to Documents->Acorn->Other documents

5 November 2008: Added various documents to Documnets->Acorn->Other documents.

4 November 2008: Reorganised Documents, moving Acorn Manuals, Monitors, Other documents and Instructions & technical documents to their own indices to reduce the size of documents. Added Acorn Times Spring 1998, Acorn Technology - An Overview andAcorn Group plc folder to Documents->Acorn->Brochures and Acorn Newsletter PCShow 88, Acorn Newsletter PCShow 89 andAcorn Group plc Company Background to Doscuments->Acorn->Other documents.

31 October 2008: What's New Archive created to reduce size of What's New page.  8 documents added to Documents->Acorn->Other Documents.

 30 October 2008: Added the Acorn documents: The Econet-X25 Gateway, Functional Specification of the Econet-X25 Gateway & The X25-Econet Interface.

 29 October 2008: Added ART The StongARM PC folder and factsheets SA01-SA08 to Documents->Acorn->ART. Added RISC OS 3.60 ,Acorn on the World Wide Web & Acorn Beta Software Evaluation License Agreement to Documents->Acorn->Clan.

 28 October 2008: Added ART factsheets DS005-DS021 to Documents->Acorn->ART

 27 October 2008: Added Computer Concepts The Archimedean Issue 10 & 11 to Documents->Computer Concepts.  Added ART factsheets DS000-DS004 to Documents->Acorn->ART

26 October 2008: Added Computer Concepts The Archimedean Sep-Oct90, Issue 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 to Documents->Computer Concepts.  

 25 October 2008: Added APP764 Technical Briefing The TAOS Operating System to Documents->Acorn->Brochures

 24 October 2008: Added the Acorn Clan newsletters and some factsheets to Documents->Acorn->Clan.

 23 October 2008: Added Aleph1 PC Cards user Guide Issue 6 to Documents.

 20 October 2008: Added Acorn ACA43 PC card to 32bit upgrades.

19 October 2008: Updated Acorn and Aleph1 PC cards and podules with the PC card software.  

18 October 2008:  SASAUG RISC OS SE Show today so no time for updates!

 17 October 2008: Added Acorn ACA56 x86 card to 32bit upgrades.

 16 October 2008: Added Ace Computing Epson JX Printer Driver, Angelsoft !AppFS Release 3, Beebug Archimedes Serial Link v1.50, Computer Concepts RISC OS3 Turbo Drivers Cannon 1 and Oak Solutions Class Manager to Software.

 15 October 2008: Added Acorn APP87 Retal Price List July 1986 to Documents -> Brochures.

 14 October 2008: Added Acornsoft APP112A Software 1987 and Acornsoft APP112B Software 1987 Order Form to Documents -> Brochures.

 13 October 2008: Added Acornsoft APP57 Software 1986 and Acorn APP81 Local Area Networking Econet to Documents -> Brochures.

 12 October 2008: Added Aconsoft AMP16 Spectacular Programs for the BBC Microcomputer Autumn 198, Acornsoft AMP17 Order Form Autumn 1983, Acornsoft AMP23 Selected Home Education Programs, Acornsoft AMP24 Acornsoft Distributed Software Order Form, Acornsoft APP43 Micros in Business and Acornsoft APP59 PriceList 1986 to Documents -> Brochures.

 8 October 2008: Added A3020 Welcome Guide to Documents. Acornsoft AMP16 Spectacular Programs for the BBC Microcomputer Autumn 1983 to Documents-> Brochures.

 6 October 2008: Added RISC OS SE Show banner and link. It is in Guildford on 18th October 2008.

 29 September 2008: Added Acorn Multimedia Expansion Unit User Guide to Documents. Updated After Acorn>Castle with the news that the Iyonix availability ends 30 September 2008.

 25 September 2008: Added Cumana CD-ROM Drive & SCSI Interfaces manual to Documents.

 24 September 2008: Added Computer Concepts LaserDirect manual to Documents.

 17 September 2008: Added Acorn AKD52 Hard Disc Podule to 32 bit upgrades. Added details of Risc OS 3.80. Added a MicroDigital Alpha poster and a MicroDigital Omega poster to Ephemera.

 5 September 2008: Updated and reorganised the Pocket Book pages.

 4 September 2008: Added details of RISC OS 6.10 to RISC OS and Performance pages.

 2 September 2008: Updated Archimedes A400/1 page.

 30 August 2008: Updated the Online Media STB20 page.

 26 August 2008: Updated and reorganised the NCs, STBs & Prototypes pages and the Phoebe (RiscPC 2) page.

24 August: Added the Torch Graduate to 8bit Upgrades.

 22 August 2008: Added SCL Unicorn Microcomputer to Computers.

 19 August 2008: Updated Wild Visions Chroma 300 and added some documents.

 18 August 2008: Added Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard to 8bit Upgrades. Added Acorn ABJ01 JP150 Printer to 32 bit Upgrades and the JP150 Support disc to Software.

 17 August 2008: Added Acorn AGA30 Analogue & User port Expansion Card to 32bit Upgrades and the manual to documents. Revises the Morley Electronics Analogue and User port manual. Added Irlam instruments ColourMobile to 32bit Upgrades, manual to Software and disc archive to Software.

 14 August 2008: Added VTI Printer Port Sampler to 32-bit Upgrades.

 12 August 2008: Added ESP Parallel Port MIDI Interface, Archimedes Filtered Sound Output card and Acorn AKD50 Archimedes Floppy Disc Upgrade to 32bit Upgrades. Updated GCC Romex13 in 8bit Upgrades.

11 August 2008: Added Atomwide RemoteFS to Networks, the User Guide to Documents and the archived disc to Software.  

7 August 2008: Added Concept Keyboard A4-128 to 8bit Upgrades.  

6 August 2008: Added The Serial Port PCATS Graphics Enhancer and Watford Electronics A3000 IDE Hard Disc to 32 bit Upgrades, the PCATS Graphics Enhancer manual to Documents and the PCATS Graphics Enhancer Utility disc to Software. Added Aries B12 to 8bit Upgrades and the manual to Documents.

 30 July 2008: Updated WE Archimedes IDE Interface. Added LTC Time Code Reader, Beebug Archimedes Disc Buffer & 2 x Watford Electronics Archimedes Disc Interfaces to 32bit Upgrades.

 23 July 2008: Added Wild Vision Chroma 150 PAL Coder, IFEL A3010 2MB RAM Upgrade, Oak Solutions A3020/A4000 ClassROM & Risc Developments A30104MB RAM Upgrade to 32bit Upgrades. Added Pineapple PAL Coder instructions to Documents.

 22 July 2008: Added Video Electronics Lts ArVis ARDG2 Videographics Expansion card and ARVC2 Videocontolller and Genlock card to 32 bit Upgrades and added VEL ArVis product information to documents. Added ArVis Hardware and Installation Details to manuals.

 21 July 2008: Added AVS Dual Serial and Genlock podules to 32 bit upgrades.

 18 July 2008: Added Nidd Valley Digimouse Operating Instructions, User Notes, Chauffeur manual and Illustrator Paintbox leaflet to documents. Added Cumana QFS Disc Upgrade to 8bit upgrades and QFS Users Handbook to documents. Added Cumana CAA52WE external SCSI Hard Drive to 32bit upgrades.

 17 July 2008: Added Acorn Customer Service News 22 discs 1 & 2, Acorn Customer Service News 23 discs 1 & 2. and Acorn RISC OS Extras (1991) disc to software. Added Morley Electronics A3000 ST506 Controller and Cumana CAA 740 A3000 SCSI Disc to 32 bit Upgrades.

16 July 2008: Reproofread and recreated PDF for SJ Research Nexus Interface cards.  Added Clares Armadeus Sampler Board, Atomwide A5000 8Mb Ram and HCCS A5000 User port analogue podule to 32 bit Upgrades. Updated i3 EtherLan 200 with new MAU and Watford Electronics Scanner I/F.
A quick count shows that there are now 119 items in 8 bit Upgrades and 277 in 32 bit Upgrades.

 15 July 2008: Added SJ Research Nexus Router to Networking and Nexus Routers & Nexus Faceplates with Sinle Sockets Installation Guide and Nexus Router Installation - Read this first! to documents. Added Wild Vision Multimedia Range to Documents. Added Wild Vision ATM podule, SJResearch Nexus Netorking interfaces for A300 and Risc PC and Nexus A3000 Fast card.

14 July 2008: Added SJ Research Nexus socket box and A300 Nexus Interface (issue 5) to Networking.

 13 July 2008: Added Oak Solutions ClassNet interfaces to Networking and Oak Solutions A5000 ClassROM to 32bit Upgrades.

 12 July 2008: Finished updating and reorganising Networking pages. Added Acorn type 2 Econet Clock, HCCS Econet module, Stuart Tyrrell Developments Net100. Added Oak Solutions ClassROM/Econet card. Started adding Oak Solutions ClassNet.

11 July 2008: Updated and reorganised Networking pages.  Updated Cumana BBC A3000 Memory Upgrade and added installation instructions and Cumana Equipment Warranty

 6 July 2008: Added I-cubed EtherHub 800 User Manual to documents.

 5 July 2008: Re-proofread and PDFed Acorn Plus 3 User Guide, Network Computer User Guide and RISC OS Release Notes version 3.10. Improved liks within site.

 3 July 2008: Added MIDI User Guide and Updating MIDI ROMs to version 3.14 to documents.

1 July 2008: Added Audio Dynamics DMI 50 MIDI interface to 32bit Upgrades along with the Audio Dynamics DMI and PowerWAVE manuals. Added ESP MIDI Support, Product Guide 1997 and Product Supplement Autumn 1997 to Documents. Added Spacetech FaxScan to 32bit Upgrades.

 26 June 2008: Added Castle Risc PC PS2 Keyboard to 32bit Upgrades. Added Control Universal EuroBeeb and CUGraph 2 to 8bit upgrades.

 25 June 2008: Added Cheetah Sweet Talker to 8bit Upgrades. Element 14 Postcards added to Ephemera.

24 June 2008 : Added AMX Mouse to 8bit Upgrades and the AMX Mouse users Guide to documents.

23 June 2008: Added Solidisk Dual Floppy Disc Controller, Acorn 2 Button Mouse and Acorn ANH01 Joysticks to 8bit Upgrades.  

22 June 2008: Added Solidisk master Mega card to 8bit Upgrades. Added Beebug Colour Scanner and Iota Scanner Interface to 32bit Upgrades.  

21 June 2008: Added Eesox Audio mixer and installation instructions. 

20 June 2008 : Added Atomwide A3000 4MB RAM Upgrade, Irlam instruments Moving i-mage and Pineapple PAL Coder to 32bit Upgrades. Added Computer Concepts Movie Magic card to 32bit Upgrades and the Movie Magic registration card and User Guide to Documents.

 19 June 2008: Added Voltmace Delta 14 joystick, Solidisk EFS and Solidisk Fourmeg Expansion and manual. Solidisk Fourmeg badge added to Ephemera. Added IFEL A5000 8MB Upgrade and The Serial Port Floptical Interface to 32bit Upgrades.

 18 June 2008: Added Voltmace A/D User Port Interface., Watford Electronics ZIF socket and Watford Electronics Beeb Video Digitiser and manual.

 16 June 2008: Corrected Risc PC and A7000 pages, added a 2 slice Risc PC 700 adn added, Acorn AEH62 NIC to Networks and Risc PC 4 slot backplane and Risc PC feet to 32 bit upgrades. Used the latest version of !Sick to get the ARM710 and ARM7500 performance figures and updated the Performance page. Added Beebug Archimedes Ethernet card, Watford Electronics BBC User I/O card, watford Electronics Hard Disk podule, HCCS A3010 Ultimate expansion.

 15 June 2008 Updated Risc PC and A7000 pages.

11 June 2008: Added A440 (4M) Circuit Diagram, A500 second processor circuit diagram, BBC Micro circuit diagram, Master technical drawings and Medusa ARM610 second processor circuit diagram. Added APP890 New Generation RiscPC to Brochures

 10 June 2008: Added APP686, 687, 746, 751, 787, 797, 859 ,868, 873, 874 & 919 to Brochures

 8 June 2008: Added Acorn Special Solutions News 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8 to Documents

 7 June 2008: Added Acorn Sales News 110-130 to Documents. Added APP588, APP599 & APP681 to Brochures

 6 June 2008: Added Acorn Sales News 90-109 to Documents.

 5 June 2008: Added Acorn Sales News 54-89 to Documents. Tidied Documents a bit.

4 June 2008: Added ISV Department News Nos. 14, 15 & 17. Added Developers' Disc No 36 to Software. Added A3000 and RiscPC publicity photos. Added A500 Sales Tips to Brochures. Added Acorn Sales News 35-53 to Documents.

 3 June 2008: Regenerated PDFs from Sept and Oct 2007. Added ISV Department News No. 10, 12 & 13 to ISV & Developer's newsletters.

 2 June 2008: Added Acorn Communicator FileStore Manager's Guide to documents. Regenerated all PDFs scanned in Nov 2007.

 29 May 2008: Regenerated all PDFs, Acorn and Third Party, scanned back to Dec 2007. More will follow in time.

 28 May 2008: Regenerated PDFs scanned in May 2008 with images at 300dpi (instead of 150dpi) to improve quality, but it does increase file sizes by up to 400% depending on how many images there are. Added Acorn Risc PC 486 Card User Guide.

 27 May 2008: Added the Acorn A500 Hardware Guide and Risc PC 600 CD Release Note to Documents.

 22 May 2008: Added Acorn Master Series Hardware Specification to Documents.

 21 May 2008: Added the Acorn ADFS User Guide and Duet - Medusa 2nd ARM Processor Functional Specification to Documents.

18 May 2008: Added Acorn Econet Advanced User Guide, Acornsoft 40/80 Track Disc Configuration, Akhter User Friendly Discs & Computer Concepts ROM Fitting Instructions to Documents  

 15 May 2008: Added the Disc Filing System User Guide with addendum for 1770 DFS to documents.

 12 May 2008: Added the Econet level 2/3 file system user guide to Documents.

 11 May 2008: Added the Acorn Winchester Disc Filing System User Guide, Joysticks and Speech Upgrade Instructions to documents and updated the BBC Micro page.

 6 May 2008: Added the Disc System User Guide and updated the BBC Micro page to include Disc and Speech systems.

 5 May 2008: Added Acorn Speech System User Guide to Documents.

4 May 2008: Added Winchester Disc 110 and 130 Service Manual and 1770 Disc Interface Upgrade Kit Fitting Instructions to Documents.  

 2 May 2008: Added the Mertec Compact Companion to 8bit Upgrades.

 1 May 2008: Added Acorn IEEE488 Interface to 8bit Upgrades. Added the BBCSoft Advanced Teletext System User Guide and the Mertec Compact Companion Fitting Instructions and Specification.

 30 April 2008: Added Acorn Teletext System User Guide and BBC IEEE488 Interface (downloaded from Intelligent Interfaces website). Sad to see that Intelligent Interfaces ceased trading on 31 March 2008.

18 April 2008: Added Acorn Teletext Adapter to 8bit Upgrades.  

 17 April 2008: Added Acorn A3010 Welcome Guide and Prestel Adapter Service Manual to Documents.

 16 April 2008: Added Acorn Prestel Adapter to 8bit Upgrades.

15 April 2008: Added A500 sceond processor to 8bit upgrades.  

 10 April 2008: Added LTM Portable to Computers.

 9 April 2008: Added RISC OS 4 Rubic Cube, Beebug Archimedes mouse mat, Acorn 32bit badge, Acorn RiscPC badge and PRESTEL badge to Ephemera. Added A3010 with ARM250 CPU.

8 April 2008: Added Pace DSL4000 to after Acorn.  

 7 April 2008: Added NetProducts NetStation to After Acorn and the User Guide and QuickStart to Docs..

 5 April 2008: Reorganised RISC OS After Acorn pages (including Advantage 6, Castle, Micordigital, RiscStation and Xemplar). Added Iyonix.

 3 April 2008: Reorganised the Domesday System page.

 2 April 2008: Reogranised the Master pages.

 31 March 2008: Reorganised the Communicator page

 29 March 2008: Reorganised the ABC page. Various minor corrections and spelling mistakes corrected. SAdded Contributor's page to acknowledge people who have donated stuff to Chris's Acorns.

 27 March 2008: Lots of updates to the BBC pages added in some more examples.

26 March 2008: Added a second BBC Model B Issue 3. Added Acorn RISC Machine poster to Ephemera.  

25 March 2008: Reogranised the Reuters Board and Electron pages.  

 24 March 2008: Reorganised the BBC Micro pages.

 4 March 2008: Added a number of reviews from Personal Computer World, scanned before I threw out the magazines to clear some space.
My Canon CanoScan N650U has broken and is no longer recognised by my PC so I have replaced it with a Canon CanoScan 4400F which was first used on these scans.

 29 February 2008: Added a number of reviews from Practical Computing, scanned before I chucked the magazines out to clear some room.

 16 February 2008: Reorganised the Acorn Atom and Busicomputer Prophet pages.

 14 February 2008: Added Sysatem 3 pictures and custom serial card.

 12 February 2008: Added brochures for Acorn 6809 card, System 4 computer, Acorn Universal Interface, AcornVDU card and System 2. Added FLEX for Acorn 6809 Systems. Added an incomplete Acorn System Computer catalog and Acorn Memory Board Technical Manual

 11 February 2008: Added Acorn 6809 User's Manual and Acorn 80 Character VDU Card manual to documents.

 3 February 2008: Added System 1 User's Manual and Errata. Update 6809, Econet, fdc and 8K Static RAM card withexamples from my System3.

2 February 2008: Added System 4 pictures.  

 1 February 2008: Update 1MHz 6502 CPU and Acorn Econet. Added Acorn bus extender, Acorn versatile interface bus, Acorn 40 column VDU interface and Acorn 8K static RAM eurocards.

 31 january 2008: Added 2MHz 6502, 80x25 VDU interface, Econet Node and updated 32K DRAM and Fdc entries with details from the System5 and the Cioontrol Universal descriptions.

28 January 2008: Updated and corrected section on System Computers . Added System 5 details. 

 20 January 2008: Added Acorn A4 Welcome Guide.

 13 January 2008: Added the technical drawings from the Technical Reference Manuals for the A3000, A3010, A3020, A4, A4000, A5000, A500 & R200, RiscPC and A680.

 9 January 2008: Added 11 Acorn product brochures. Linked A4, A3020 & A4000 product brochures to the computer page.

8 January 2008: Reorganised the A3010, A3020 and A4000 pages. Added Archimedes A500 and R200 Service Manual technical drawings, had to pay to get them scanned because I can't scan A1 and A2 pages. Added BBC Microcomputer Serviice Manual Oct 85. Removed MUG Xmas show banner from Home Page.