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What's New 2009 Archive

[What's New ] 

31 December 2009: Added Slogger ROM cartridge to 8bit Upgrades. Added Acorn AEH54 Ethernet III podule to Network -> Ethernet and 32bit Upgrades.

30 December 2009: Added Solidisk Real Time Clock Owner's Manual to Documents.

28 December 2009: Updated Solidisk Fourmeg CPU and ROM expansion and added Aries B20 20 ROM expansion and Solidisk Real Time Clock to 8bit Upgrades.

21 december 2009: Added Digital Services Ltd NetGain Licence card to 32bit Upgrades and Networks.

20 December 2009: Added Acorn AKA20 WE32206 Floating Point Co-Processor and Telekurs High Speed interface to 32 bit upgrades.

13 December 2009: Added BeebMaster Econet Upgrade kit to New Products.

12 December 2009: Added BeebMaster 8271 Disc Upgrade kit, Econet Clock and Econet Module to New Products.

10 December 2010: Added ctorwy31 BBC solid state disk drive and Switchable master MOS OS ROM 3.20/3.50 to New Products. Added RetroClinic External Datacentre USB kit to New Products.

9 December 2009: Added RetroClinic BBC 8 Bit IDE Interface, Internal CF Hard Drive kit, and BBC ZIF socket kit to New products.

8 December 2009: Added RetroClinic DataCentre to New Products.

7 December 2009: Added Martin Barr's RAMagic! to New Products.

6 Decmeber 2009: Added John Kortink's ReCo6502 second provessor and Viewfinder to New4Old, and updated GoMMC

25 November 2009: Added RetroClinic External Removable Dual CF Hard Drive Kit to 8bit upgrades and New4Old.

18 November 2009: Completed updating Acorn Press Releases from 1993-1999.

9 November 2009: Added Acorn Multimedia Expansion Unit Support disc to software. Added more 1992 press releases from c.s.a.announce.

6 November 2009: Added Acorn User articles on BBC B+, DFSs, Acorn Cambridge Workstation, WS2000 modem, Domesday project, ROM Expansion boards, Solidisk DDFS and DFDC, BBC B+128k, Cumana 68008 2nd processor, Cheetah Sweet Talker, Communicator and Sideways RAM to Documents > Acorn User.

5 November 2009: Added Acorn User article on Concept Keyboard to Documents > Acorn User

4 November 2009: Added Acorn User articles on Domesday project, Light Pens. 6809 second processors, Acorn z80 and Torch ZEP100 second processors and BBC B+ to Documents > Acorn User

3 November 2009: Added Acorn User articles on Indian assembly of BBC micros, Viglen ROM Cartridge System, Acorn Business Computer and the Hobbit tape drive to Document > Acorn User.

2 November 2009: Added Acorn User article on Hybrid Music 4000, BBC BASIC conversion for the Atom and Electron Son of BBC Micro to Documents > Acorn User.

1 November 2009: Added Testing Econet Interfaces to Documents > Acorn >Technical. Added Acorn user articles on the Slogger Master RAM board and the Domesday System to Documents > Acorn User.

30 October 2009: Added RetroClinic DualOS, Sprow Doomsday ROM, Sprow DOSFS ROM and Sprow Master Ethernet module to both 8 bit Upgrades and New Products

29 October 2009: Tidied up the New Products section and the descriptions of J.G.Harston BBC IDE controller, John Kortink's GoMMC and Sprow's ARM7 Coprocessor in both 8bit upgrades and New Products.

28 October 2009: Added a new section for New products for old Acorn computers. This is to showcase the exciting new products now becoming available for the BBC Micro and Master (after 25+ years) and also the RISC OS computers especially the Risc PC (after 15 years). Initial set up is a complete but there are more products to add. Added an seriously upgraded Master 128 to Computers.

26 October 2009: Added to Documents, Intelligent Interfaces Dual High Speed Serial Interfaces User Guide, Price List Feb93, Notes and Wild Vision ADC1208 Invoice and Wild Vision ADC1208 User Guide and ADC1208 user Guide Issue 3.0 Notes.

21 October 2009: Added a Hong Kong Assembled BBC Model B to Computers.

20 October 2009: Added Castle SCSI User Guide (6 Oct 1997) and Castle The SCSI Management & Disc Formatting Utility - !Setup - A Quick Reference Guide to Documents. Added Castle SCSI Utilities and SCSI Extras Disc to Software.

18 October 2009: Added GIS Advanced Teletext Receiver to 8 bit Upgrades and the Acorn User Review and speical offer to documents.

15 October 2009: Added Econet test Procedure for Acorn Dealers to Documents -> Acorn->Manuals

 14 October 2009: Added Solidisk Sideways RAM (July 1984).

13 October 2009: Added a selection of Torch brochures to documents.

10 October 2009: Added APDL ARCIN v6c IDE Interface to 32bit Upgrades. Added Acorn AEH50 Ethernet II podule to Networking.

9 October 2009: Added ART sweatshirt to Ephemora and Technomatic Master ROM/RAM cartridge to 8bit Upgrades

26 September 2009: Added Aries B32 32K ROM Ecpansion manual to documents.

23 September 2009: Added Aries B32 32K RAM Expansion to 8bit Upgrades. Added ART PCMCIA Expansion Card to 32bit Upgrades.

20 September 2009: Added Acorn AND01 100K Floppy Disc Drive to 8bit Upgrades. Added Gnome Computers Transputer Link Adapter to 32bit Upgrades.

16 September 2009: Updated the State Machine G8 Graphic Accelerator. Added HCCS A5000 2MB RAM Upgrade to 32bit Upgrades.

6 Septermber 2009: Added Solidisk cased BBC Micro to Computers.

31 August 2009: Added the Solidisk 1770 Disc Interface and Solidisk SWR256 to 8bit Upgrades.

27 August 2009: Added 160MHz StrongARM CPU and IFEL Risc PC 16/32MB RAM Upgrade to 32bit Upgrades. Added second SRP26 Risc PC to computers.

24 August 2009: Added Acorn SRP26 StrongARM Risc PC to computers.

19 August 2009: Added Acorn A4 Technical Reference Manual to Documents -> Acorn -> Manuals

7 Auguxt 2009: Atdded Acorn AEH26 FileStore E01 to Networks -> Econet.

5 August 2009: Added Acorn AEH72 Access NIC to Networks -> Ethernet

4 August 2009: Added Acorn A4 Portable Guide to Documents. Added Atomwide Ethernet podule to Networks -> Ethernet.

24 July 2009: Added Acorn A3000 Technical Reference Manual to Documetns -> Acorn -> Manuals.

22 July 2009: Added Acorn PC Emulator V1.7 User Guide and Release Notes to Documents. Added Acorn PC Emulator V1.7 and V1.82 to Software.

20 July 2009: Added Solidisk ADFS manual, ADFS, Before you start and EFS Board, Before you start to Documents -> Solidisk.

 17 July 2009: Added Acorn A4000 Welcome Guide to Acorn -> Manuals and Wakefield 2009 RISC OS Show to Acorn -> Shows. Acorn AMP15 Dealer List October 1983 & APP782 Product Information added to Acorn -> Brochures.

13 July 2009: Various typos spotted by Keith Howell corrected.

3 July 2009: Added PRES ADFS User Guide to Documents.

2 July 2009: Added Advanced Computer Products Electron DFS manual to Documents.

1 July 2009: Added Castle SCSI User Guide to Documents.

30 June 2009: Added Acorn Bitstik User Guide to Documents -> Acorn -> Manuals.

9 June 2009: Added Watford Electronics 256K Printer Buffer to 8bit Upgrades. Added Hybrid Music 5000 User Guide Issue 1 and Errata to Documents.

8 June 2009: Updated Solidisk DFDC in 8bit upgrades and added the Solidisk Disk Filing System user manual to documents.

7 June 2009: Added Acorn Music 500 User Guide to Documents. Added Solidisk DDFS 1.9 ROM guide to Documents.

6 June 2009: Added Care Electronics ROM Module System to 9bit Upgrades and updated the Cumana Floppy disc interface for the Electron.

4 June 2009: Update Computer Concepts FaxPack and added ANT Ethernet 10base2 mini-podule.

31 May 2009: Added A and B Computing Review of the Master Compact, Atomwide Products and Services 1997-8, Castle RISC OS 2000 Show Specials and Iyonix Lauch Offer, Oak Software & Hardware Product Guide and Supplement to Documents.

29 May 2009: Changes Acorn World section to Acorn Computer Shows. Added Acorn User Show 1992, The RISC OS 99 Show, the RISC OS 2000 Show, RISCOS SouthWest 2004, 2006 & 2007 and Wakefield 2005, 2006, 2007 showguides to Documents. Added Computer Concepts catalogues - Archimedes Software, New Concepts in ROM Software and ROM Software.

28 May 2009: Added Acorn World section to documents -> Acorn. Added Acorn World 97 showguide to documents.

27 May 2009: Added Acorn Home NC (TNS10) and Acorn A7000+ product brochures to Documentation.

22 May 2009: Added Marconi RTB2 Trackerball User Guide to Documents.

20 May 2009: Added Care Electronics Printer "T" Switch and Marconi Marcus RB2 Trackerball to 8bit Upgrades and updated Bud Computer Commander 3 Joystick Interface.

19 May 2009: Added Acorn AKF18 User Guide to Documents -> Acorn -> Monitors.

29 April 2009: Added Stuart Tyrrell Developments Vpod to 32bit Upgrades. Detials of RISC OS 5.14 from RISC OS Open Ltd and RISC OS 6.16 from RISCOS Ltd added.

22 April 2009: Added Acorn Universal Second Processor Unit to 8bit Upgrades. Recreated BBC Service Manual Oct 85 parts 1,2 & 3 with improved graphics quality.

19 April 2009: Added Castle Iyonix backplane to 32bit upgrades.

18 April 2009: Updated IFEL A3000 RAM Upgrade.

15 April 2009: Updated A3000 page with an A3000 with an Issue A motherboard. Added Orion Computers A3000 RAM Upgrade to 32bit Upgrades.

14 April 2009: Updated A3010 page with an AGB40.

7 April 2009: Updated Acorn product code table. Updated Acorn AMD10 1 slot backplane in 32bit upgrades.

1 April 2009: Added Acorn JP101 printer to 8bit upgrades. Added table of Acorn product codes.

26 March 2009: Added RiscStation R7500 Key Ring to Ephemera. ACE ARM-Switcher added to 32bit Upgrades.

24 March 2009: Added Acorn A5000 Welcome Guide (ALJ16) to Documents.

18 March 2009: Added Bud Computers Commander 3 Joysticj Interface to 8bit Upgrades. Added APDL A3IN IDE Interface to 32bit Upgrades.

17 March 2009: Added Wild Vision Hawk V9 MkII digitiser to 32bit Upgrades.

16 March 2009: Added Wild Vision Hawk V9 MkII User Guide, Wild Vision Hawk V9 Application Softwarte and Documentationfor the HawkV9Utils support module to Documents. Added Wild Vision Hawk V9 MklI (Dithered) Distribution disc and Fastgrab 2 to Software.

 12 March 2009: Added Irlam Instruments 24i16 Multimedia System manual to Documents. Added an archive of the Irlam Instruments 24i16 Applications discs to Software.

9 March 2009: Added ATM Ltd Podule NIC to 32 Bit Upgrades, added ATM Ltd to Companies and updated Irlam 24i16 podule.

8 March 2009: Added a 3rd Master Compact to computers, this one is virtually unused, whereas the other two are well tatty. Added Master Compact Welcome Disc archive to software.

4 March 2009: Added Atomwide Catalogue 1994(?) to Documents.

3 March 2009: Added Castle Summer 2000 Catalogue to Documents. Added Acorn Z80 second processor function key card to Documents.

2 March 2008: Added Acorn OEM Fortran 77 reference manual, Cambridge Lisp reference manual and Prolog reference manual to Documents

1 March 2009: Added Cambridge Co-processor Keyboard Card to Documents

 27 February 2009: Added Acorn OEM BBC BASIC reference manual, Acorn OEM ARM Software reference manual, Acorn OEM ARM Hardware reference manual and Acorn OEM ARM assember reference manual to Documents.

26 February 2009: Added Acorn Scientific C reference manual to Documents. Extended and rewrote the Panos page. Rescan and added Acorn OEM ARM System user guide. Scanned and added Acorn OEM ARM Utilities to Documents.

25 February 2009: Added Acorn Scientific Panos Programmer's reference manual, Fortran 77 reference guide and ISO Pascal reference manual to Documents. Link to J.G.Harston's for Panos distribution discs included.

24 February 2009: Added Acorn Scientific 32000 Assember reference manual to Documents. Remove South West Show banner and added WROCC show banner.

23 February 2009: Added new sections in Documents for the Panos manuals under Acorn Scientific and ARM Evaluation System under Acon OEM Products, removed existing manuals from Documents -> Acorn -> Manuals. Rescanned Panos Guide to Operations, Cambridge Co-processor User Guide and BBC BASIC reference manual and added to Acon Sientific. Scanned Cambridge LISP reference manual and added to Documents.

18 February 2009: Added ICS ideA Hard Disc System for Acorn Computers 2nd Edition to Documents. "Intec" Econet card deleted and correctly identified as The Serial Port Sampler and MIDI card. Vertical Twist MIDI Interface User Guide added to Documents and Serial Port MIDI Interface added to 32-bit Upgrades..

17 February 2009: Added Eesox 6 speed ATAPI CD-ROM drive, instructions and software. Added Cumana Touchpad User Guide to Documents. Added Eesox CDFast2.

16 February 2009: Rescan and OCRed CC ScanLight Plus User Guide to improve quality.

12 February 2009: Added Acorn Archimedes lapel badge, Element 14 coaster and Element 14 yoyo to Ephemera.

10 February 2009: Added Acorn AMD10 1 slot backplane to 32bit Upgrades. Updated Acorn ARM610 CPU "Spinner" and Computer Concepts Movie Magic in 32bit Upgrades. Updated Wild Vision ATM NIC in Networking. Added Online Media STB1 to Computers.

7 February 2009: Updated Lingenuity A3000 SCSI Upgrade with an Issue 4 card and description of SCSI Share.

5 February 2009: Added Computer Concepts GreyHawk video digitiser and ScanLight mini-podule to 32bit Upgrades. Added Computer Concepts GreyHawk User Guide to Documents. Added Computer Concepts !TakeOne application to software.

5 February 2009: Added Castle Net21 NIC and Design IT EtherLAN 550 podule to Network -> Ethernet. Added Castle StrongARM 233MHz CPU to 32bit Upgrades. Added "Intec" Econet module to Networking -> Econet.

4 February 2009: Added the SJ Research HDFS System Manager's Manual to documents -> SJ Research. Morley Electronics A3000 RAM Card and Simtec 4/8Mb Expandable Memory Module to 32bit Upgrades.

28 January 2009: Added SJ Research HDFS to Networking -> Econet and 8bit Upgrades.

27 January 2009: Added SJ Research MDFS Tape Drive to Networking-> Econet. Added IFEL MABB 4MB RAM Upgrade and A3010 MA104B 4MB RAM Upgrade to 32bit upgrades.

24 January 2009: Added Acorn Mouse Type 4 and CPC 3 button seial mouse to 32bit Upgrades. Added AMX mouse (type 2) to 8bit Upgrades.

23 January 2009: Added Acorn Archimedes mouse (Type 1), Acorn Mouse (Type 2) and Acorn Mouse (Type 3) to 32 bit Upgrades.

22 January 2009: Added Acorn Archimedes A300 Keyboard and A4000 Keyboard to 32bit Upgrades.

21 January 2009: Added Acorn Archimedes A400 Keyboard to 32bit Upgrades.

20 January 2009: Added function indices to 8bit Upgrades and 32bit Upgrades. Added A500 backplane, Acorn Risc PC German keyboard, Acorn Risc PC Keyboard, Acorn A5000 Keyboard, Acorn R260 Keyboard and Castle Risc PC Keyboard to 32bit Upgrades.

19 January 2009: Updated A500 and added new keyboard and mouse headings to 32bit Function Index.  

 9 January 2009: Added RiscStation R7500 Welcome Guide to Documents.

 5 January 2009: Added details of RISC OS 6.14 (Select 5i1) to RISCOS and Performance page.

 6 January 2009: Added embedded RISC OS 4.06 and Simtec EB7500ATX development board to After Acorn.