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What's New 2010 Archive

[What's New] 

2010 Updates

20 December 2010: Added Acorn Newsletter Nos 1-7 to Documents -> Acorn -> Newsletters. Note these PDFs are in searchable image format and do not display well in !PDF.

13 December 2010: Added Acorn the choice of experience stickers and Acorn Computers plastic bag to Ephemera. Added Acorn Computer Systems Catalog and Pricelist Aug 1980 to Documents > Acorn > Other documents

22 November 2010: Added Acorn AKF20 A3000 Monitor Stand to 32-bit Upgrades.

21 November 2010: Added Cumana 68008 second processor to 8-bit upgrades.

20 November 2010: Added Torch Cell box, Acorn 1990 yellow Roadshow badge and "I'm a starship commander" badge to Ephemera.

17 November 2010: Added Acorn World 95 Show Guide and Acorn World 96 Show Guide to Documents>Acorn. Acon AKF20 A3000 Monitor stand added to Documents>Acorn>Other documents

9 November 2010: Added A3 brochure "The shape of things to come" to Documents>Acorn>Misc. Minor updates to Product Codes.

8 November 2010: Added Cumana 68008 Installation Guide and Circuit Diagram to Documents. Added white Acoorn sweatshirt to Ephemera.

7 November 2010: Added "APP89 Acorn RISC Machine" to Brochures, Added "Acorn Announce the availability of an evaluation system for their single chip, 32-bit Reduced Instruction Set Computer - the ARM" to Press Releases. Added ANC13 & ANC15 to Product Codes.

19 October 2010: Added Acorn APP90 C Series to Documents > Acorn> Brochures.

16 October 2010: Updated the PRES A3K6 disc buffer with the PRES A3K6 v3 disc buffer. Added the PRES A3K6 instructions and v3 addendum to Documents.

14 October 2010: Updated Atomwide A5000 8MB Upgrade. Added PRES A3K6 Disc Buffer with A3K12 DFS to 32 bit upgrades. Added Acorn User Show 1989 Scarf and Acorn World Show 1994 Sweatshirt to Ephemera.

3 October 2010: "Acorn Computer Racing" and "The BBC micro ... Britain's Best Computer" badges added to Ephemera

2 October 2010: Added RetroClinic's "BBC User Guide & Advanced User Guide" and Ctorwy31's "BBC 128K Sideways RAM" to New Products

26 September 2010: Added RISCOS London 2010 show banner to index page.

24 September 2010: Added "BBC Microcomputer System Information Sheet G2" to Documents.

23 September 2010: Added "The Viglen Master System" and "a second version of Watford Electronics "Sideways ZIF" to documents. Added BBC section to Documents with BASIC specification, Hardware specification and BBC Computer Literary Project documents.

22 September 2010: Added "As seen on TV ''' the BBC Micro" badge and "I've got Compact Equipment" badge to Ephemora. Added Acorn Roadshow 91 sweatshirt to Ephemora.

21 September 2010: Updated new products, added John Kortink's ReTuLa, RetroClinics reprinted manuals and Master 128 Replacement CMOS Battery.

19 September 2010: Added David Holden's explanation of my A3010 with red function keys.

16 March 2010: Turns out the Acorn laptop (see 10 March) was not called Artisan, but Gideon. Names changed to match

15 March 2010: New page and pictures added for the Cerilica Nucleus.

12 March 2010: New page and picture added for the Millipede Imago board.

11 March 2010: New page and pictures added for the IMS Peanut portable.

10 March 2010: Added Acorn Artisan laptop to Computers.

11 January 2010: Added Element 14 AcTiVe Set Top Box to After Acorn. Added AcTiVe 3875 User Guide to Documents.

9 January 2010: Added Acorn Progressive Establishment Testing System (PET) to 8bit Upgrades.

2 January 2010: Added Acorn Operating Instructions for the Final Inspection and Test System for the BBC Microcomputer to Documents

1 January 2010: Added Acorn Risc PC Test boards to 32bit Upgrades.  Added Acorn Final Inspection and Test (FIT) system to 8bit Upgrades.