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  HCCS SCSI micro-podule

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 HCCS SCSI micro-podule top

HCCS SCSI micro-podule (top)

 HCCS SCSI micro-podule bottom

HCCS SCSI micro-podule (bottom)

 The HCCS SCSI micro-podule is one of a range of micro podules for the "Ultimate" A5000 Multipod card and the A3020 Ultimate Expansion. The Micro podule has a socket at the left hand end which connects to the socket on the Multipod card and the interface at the right hand end fits into a cutout on the Multipod backplane. The card has a 50 pin IDC connector for an internal drive and a 26pin 3 row D.socket for external connection The card is an 8bit SCSI interface.

 Details of the HCCS "Ultimate" A5000 Multipod system base unit HERE  and the A3020 Ultimate expansion HERE .
Here is the HCCS SCSI User Guide
The HCCS !SCSIMgr application is in the Software section HERE .