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The only Ethernet hardware products Acorn made were Ethernet interfaces. Ethernet interfaces fall into 3 categories:

Acorn also produced a number of software products that used Ethernet, In particular AUN (Acorn Universal Networking) products such as the Level 4 fileserver (AES50), Intertalk (AES72) and Omniclient (AES75). The Acorn software products are currently out of the scope of Chris's Acorns, athough I may revisit that when I have completed cataloging my hardware.

In addition to Acorn, a number of 3rd parties produced Ethernet interfaces for Acorn computers. The interfaces are documented here and in the Upgrades section of Chris's Acorns.

10Base2 Interfaces

10BaseT Interfaces

Fast Ethernet Interfaces


Digital Services Ltd NetGain

NetGain is a 'High Speed Application Loader'. NetGain was available for Econet or Ethernet and consisted of a Licence Card podule, end user licence packs and the software on a 3.5" disc. In use it marked reduced loading times. There is a review in Archive Vol.7 Isuue 1 (October 1993) page 77.
Here is the Digital Services NetGain Licence Card  and more details of NetGain.