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Acorn ANV02 Music500

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Acorn Music500 box 

 Acorn Music500 box (rather tatty)

 Acorn Music500 box open

Acorn Music500 box open 

Acorn Music500 user guide 

Acorn Music500 User Guide

Acorn Music500 Ample tape 

Acorn Music 500 Ample tape

 Acorn Music500 front

Acorn Music 500 (front) 

Acorn Music 500 side 

Acorn Music 500 (side)

 Acorn Music 500 back

Acorn Music 500 (back)

Acorn Music 500 bottom 

Acorn Music 500 (bottom) 

Acorn Music 500 open 

 Acorn Music 500 with top cover off

 Acorn Music 500 circuit board

 Acorn Music 500 circuit board (top)

 Acorn Music 500 circuit board (bottom)

Acorn Music 500 circuit board (bottom) 

The Acorn Music 500 is a computer-based music synthesiser. It was designed, in 1984, by Hybrid Technology for Acorn. The Music 500 connects to the 1MHz bus. and is programmed in its own language called AMPLE.

Hybrid Technology went on to design and produce the Hybrid Music System with addition components including:

The Music 500 could be upgraded to the Music 5000 with a minor hardware upgrade so that it worked on the Master) and upgraded software. Further information on the upgrade is available in:
Music 5000 Music 500 Upgrade Pack
Music 500 Upgrade Pack Installation Guide 

A HiRes picture of the Acorn Music 500 circuit board is available HERE .

Music 500 brochure thumbnail Click here for the Acorn Music 500 Brochure

Here is the Acorn Music 500 User Guide .