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Pocket Book II

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The Pocket Book II followed the Pocket Book in February1995. It was a rebadged Psion 3a with an NEC V30 CPU running at twice the speed of the Pocket Book, it also had the larger screen which is twice the size of the Pocket Book.

Manuals and Documents

See Pocket Books .

 Pocket Book II

The Pocketbook II models only differed in memory size, theywere:

Here are some pictures of my ABH07:

Acorn Pocket Book II closed

 Pocket Book II closed

Acorn Pocket Book II open

Pocket Book II open

The Pocket Book II showing the additional Applications and buttons across the middle. Just visible on the right below the hinge is "1MB RAM", there were also models with 256KB and 512KB.

Acorn Pocket Book II batteries

 Pocket Book II batteries

The Pocket Book II with the battery cover removed showing the 2 AA batteries which give it ca. 80 hours of use. The batteries fit in the back of the hinge.

Acorn Pocket Book II bottom

Pocket Book II bottom

The bottom of the Pocket Book II showing the speaker.

Acorn Pocket Book II SSDs

Pocket Book II SSDs

Pocket Book II with the covers for the SSDs opened. The Lithium backup battery is visible on the left under the white label. The serial number is on the left.

Acorn Pocket Book II User Guide

Pocket Book II User Guide


Serial no.73-AHB07-4230225
Launch date1994
CPU Clock7.68MHz
RAM256KB to 1MB
Power2 x AA batteries
Lithium cell backup
Expansion2 x SSD
Size165 x 85 x 23mm
Screen480 x 160 pixels