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Psion 3a

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I used a Psion 3a, at work, for a number of years until I repaced it with a Psion 5. I have included it in Chris's Acorns to show how similar it is to the Acorn Pocket Book II and how few xhanges were made.

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Psion 3a

Here are pictures of my old Psion 3a for comparison:

Psion 3a

Psion 3a closed

From the outside, the only visible difference between the Psion 3a and Pocket Book is the logos.

Psion 3a open

 Psion 3a open

Apart from the logos at the top and the Psion key instead of the Acorn key on the bottom left of the keyboard, the only differences are the application names. In fact there are also minor differences in the applications.

Psion 3a SSDs

 Psion 3a bottom and SSDs

Psion 3a showing 2 SSDs, the THESAURUS application and a 1MB Flash SSD.


ModelPsion 3a
Serial no. 
Launch date1994
CPU Clock7.68MHz
RAM256KB to 1MB
Power2 x AA batteries
Lithium cell backup
Expansion2 x SSD
Size165 x 85 x 23mm
Screen480 x 160 pixels