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RetroClinic Manual Reprints

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Mark Haysman has produced a series of BBC Manual reprints which have been corrected and updated with the latest information. They are:

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Regularly sells on ebay in category computing > vintage computing. Also available from the Retroclinic  web site.

Advanced Disc Filing System User Guide

Acorn ADFS User Guide

Using the old guide as a base, this new version has been reworked and laid out to be easier to read. Contains sections on the standard ADFS commands, Tutorials, Basic and Assembler references, error codes and messages, and fitting the ADFS ROM. The guide has also been updated to include the new IDE and Compact Flash interfaces, and describes how they are used with the system. It contains instructions on the ADFS utilities, including the IDE Formatting program, and other related tools.

Laid out in A5, double sided, with all 140 pages in colour and a photo quality front cover, the manual is faithful to the original in size, looks and feel, but modernised to include the topics of todays ADFS related add-ons.

Acorn BBC Micro New Concise Service Manual

Acorn BBC Service Manual

This new version encompasses all the BBC Micro range, using a compilation of the best parts of all the original service manuals and technical notes from Acorn. It has been completely reworked and laid out to be easier to read, as well as every page now being in full colour.  It's not only essential if you're into BBCs and repairs, but even if you don't know what end of a soldering iron to hold, this manual still gives a facinating insight into how things actually work under the hood of your Beeb.

It contains 5 sections:

Each section contains specific info on the hardware of the machine, including:

This new manual also goes on to describe refurbishment and repair of the power supplies with full colour photos, something not included in the original service manuals.

Laid out in A4 double sided, with all 224 pages of the main manual printed in full colour on a professional wax offset printer, the manual is faithful to the original Service Manuals available to Acorn dealers and service agents, but is also modernised and updated where necessary.

The last 5 pages of the manual consist of five A3 size schematic diagrams, that fold out for ease of use. The schematics are of all 4 machines covered in the manual, with the one for the Master 128 split over 2 pages.

Acorn Disk Filing System User Guide

Acorn DFS User Guide

Covers the complete command set for the Acorn DFS, including the later 1770 DFS.

Acorn Econet Level 2 & 3 File Server User Guide

Acorn Econet Level 2 &3 File Server User Guide

All the commands to user when accessing a Level 2 or 3 file server, with examples, details of communicating with other stations, and error messages.

Acorn Music 500 User Guide

Acorn Music 500 User Guide

The complete guide to the Music 500 system, covering setup and programming in the AMPLE language.

Computer Concepts Disc Doctor

Computer Concept Disc Doctor

Covers all aspects of the Disc Doctor Utility ROM from Computer Concepts.

Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard User Guide

Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard User Guide

Covers connecting and using the Music 4000 keyboard, as well as methods of recording and sequencing with the keyboard.

Hybrid Music 5000 Synthesiser User Guide

Hybrid Music 5000 Synthesiser User Guide

Comprehensive guide to the Music 5000 System, containing all the programming info on AMPLE Neucleus, the more powerful language for the Acorn music system in ROM.

Watford Electronics Disc Filing System User Guide

Watford Electronics DFS User Guide

Covers Watford's own DFS systems and ROMs, including the 8271 and 1770 types. Gives full details on the double density function, and 62 file catalog facility.