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What's New 2007 Archive

[What's New] 

 17 December 2007: Added the A3010, A3020 and A4000 Module Level Service Manual.

 15 December 2007: Added the A5000 Module Level Service Manual and Dealer Test Discs added to Software.

 13 December 2007: Added the Archimedes 500 and Acorn R200 Service Manual

6 December 2007: Added the A3000 Service Manual to Documents /Acorn/manuals 

 3 December 2007: Added the A400/1 & R140 Service Manual

 21 November 2007: Added the Acorn SCSI Expansion Card user Guide to Documents/Acorn/Manuals

 20 November 2007: Added APP678 PiscPC to Brochures.

 14 November 2007 Added the R260, R225, A540 Installation Guide. Added APP472 A3020 & APP474 A4000 to Brochures

 11 November 2007: Updated A5000 & A4 pages. Added MUG Xmas show to home page.

 10 November 2007: A3000 Welcome Guide added.

 9 November 2007: Added Archimedes Welcome guide (Arthur) and Archimedes Welcome Guide (RISC OS 2), A300 Module level Service manual and Componet Level Supplement. Added APP227 A3000, APP230 A400/1, APP301 A540 and APP390 A5000 brochures and updated brochure list and editions and dates. Started major tidy up of Computer section starting with the Archimedes section (A500, A300, A400, A400/1 & A540) and A3000. This will contiue over next few months untli all Computer sections have the same layout and style.

 1 November 2007: Added 3 Acorn Training documents from ca. 1990: Introduction to Archimedes, Archimedes and A3000 servicing and RISC Technology Module.

 31 October 2007: Added Archimedes Welcome Guide (for Arthur) and Archimedes Welcome Guide (for RISC OS 2) to Acorn Manuals.

21October 2007: Added Installation instructions for Lingenuity SCSI Interface card to documents

 18 October 2007: Added Watford Electronics BBC A3000 I/O Card user Guide.

30 September 2007: Added DTSoftware IDE interface, IFEL ARM.

 27 September 2007: Added Wild Vision A3000 Expansion Box, updated Watford Electronics Scanner interface

 24 September 2007: Added Nidd Valley Digimouse and RH Electronics Light Pen..

 23 September 2007: Added BBC Micro Car badge to Ephemera, Morley Electronics User I2C Analogue mini-podule and Cumana IDE to Panasonic CDROM I/F to 32bit upgrades.

9 September 2007: Added Conputer Concepts TV Tuner Installation, Tuning and Configuration manual

6 September 2007: Added Conputer Concepts TV Tuner, Acorn PhotoQV, Oregan Developments WebCam.

 3 September 2007: Added Commotion User Analogue mini-podule, Updated Simtec A5000 2MB RAM upgrade. Added Cumana SLCD podule. Updated Computer Concepts Laser Direct and XOB TeleCard. Added EMR Sampler 8 expansion card.

2 September 2007: Added Opus D/Dos AI disc controller., Deltronics User Analogue port mini-podule. Updated the HCCS User Analogue mini-podule. Added SJResearch A3020 nexus interface. Added Atomwide Ethernet V podule and Watford Electronics Apex Control Card..

28 July 2007: Added Hybrid Technology manuals, converted to PDFs from scan on DVD.

24 July 2007: Added Simtec USB 1.1 interface, Watford Electronics A300 1MB RAM, GCC RAMEX13 user guide and Irlam 24i16.

21 July 2007: Added Atomwide *Meg RAM Upgrade and HCCS A5000 Mitsumi CD Interface.

20 July 2007: Added Atomwide 3 port serial expansion, CJE Micros A3000 2/4MB upgrade, Morley Analogue and User interface and manual, Watford Electronics Master cartridge.

18 July 2007: Added The Serial Port Joystick Interface with manual and s/w, CCS A5000 4MB Upgrade, Morley 16bit SCSI Interface.

 15 July 2007: Added Acorn "Acorn at heart" stickers to Ephemera, FocusIT A3000 Internal Expansion added to 32bit Upgrades.

14 July 2007: Acorn RiscPC700 poster added to Ephemera

1 July 2007: Acorn Plus 3 user Guide added to Documents.

20 June 2007: Acorn Network Computer User Guide added to Documents.

19 June 2007: Added A3000 Welcome Letter, Special Access Upgradee pack release Note, Fitting an Econet module, SCSI & CDROM Filing System Release Note, RISC OS £ Release Note (Version 3.10) and The CD-ROM Filing System User Guide to Documents.

17 June 2007 : Added Acorn "Duet" ARM610 2nd processor. Update IFEL A3000 4MB upgrade. Added SID User Guide and SID Reference Guide to Brochures. AKF11 user guide, Acorn PhotoCD Sample Application, The Learning Curve "Getting Started", User Port / MIDI expansion card for A3000, Acorn MIDI Release Note (Oct 89) and Acorn MIDI Implementation Chart added to Documents.

16 June 2007: Added Acorn Lapel badge and Acornsoft Monsters badge to Ephemera. Acorn ARM610 CPU updated.

11 June 2007: Added Acorn AEH72 Access A3000 & AEH75 Access+ A500 to Network. Added PhotoQV to Software

9 June 2007: Added Opus disc manual to documents.

3 June 2007: Added Opus Challenger 3 to 8bit Upgrades.

2 June 2007: Updated Links  page. Added Hybrid Music 2000 MIDI interface to 8bit Ugrades

29 May 2007: ROOL Mouse Mat added to Ephemera . Peartree Master cartridge and Hybrid Music 5000 added to 8bit Upgrades. Watford BBC Micro ROM Paging System manual added to documents.

28 May 2007: Added Bebug Master Modem to 8-bit upgrades and the User Guide to Documents

26 May 2007: Added Master Service Manual

8 May 2007: Added Acorn 65C102 User Guide, Master Series battery Unit Issue 1 & 3 to Documents.

7 May 2007: Added Acorn Master ROM cartridge, Care 2 ROM and 4 ROM Cartridges, Viglen Sideways ROM Cartridge System and Mastr cartridge Adaptor.

16 April 2007: Added Aleph1 PC Expansion Cards User Guide Issue 5 to Documents.

13 April 2007: Cumana Disk Drive Guide Electron added to documents

11 April 2007: Acorn ANF03 Data Recorder, Cumana floppy disk system for the Electron and First Byte Joystick Interface.

10 April 2007: Acorn Electron Plus 1 User Guide added

9 April 2007: Added Slogger RomBox Plus, Vine Micros Master OS Overlay board, ACP Advanced Rom Mk1 Adaptor, Peartree Master RAM/ROM Board, CJE A3000 2nd MB, Beebug A3000 Super Ran v1.0, i3 EtherLan 100, i3 EtherLan 200, ALF03 Data recorder, ALA13 Electron Plus 3, Clan sweatshirt and ART mousemat. Also some related documentation.

2 April 2007: Added Wakefield show 2007 banner. Added Acorn Z80 second processor User Guide. and ARM Evaluation System User Guide.

27 March 2007: Added Computer Concepts Rom/RAM podule guide to Documents.

 8 March 2007: Added MCS Connect 32 SCSI, Atomwide serial expansion card, ACE Joy Connect, Atomwide Ether1 minipodule, Simtec A3010 4MB upgrade, Watford Scanner card and various typo corrections.  

5 March 2007: Added Microvitec Cub and Acorn AKF65 mnitor manuals. Added Watford 32k RAM card manual. changed layout of Acorn User and PCW magazine articles.

27 February 2007: Tided up the BBC page, corrected the AcornOS page and added some stuff to Ephemora.

9 February 2007: Added PRES AP3, The Serial Port Turbo SCSI Adaptor and updated Acorn AKA32 SCSI adaptor.

8 February 2007: Added PRES Plus1 User Guide, Slogger Electron Expansion 2.0 ROM, Slogger Click, Electron Expansion and Tape to Disk User Guides.

7 February 2007: Added Electron Service manual, Plus1, Pipedream4 key fob.

 6 February 2007: Added PMS B2P documentation and Technomatic TurboSCSI.

 31 January 2007: More Acorn User articles added. Also added PMS B2P-6502 2nd processor and Acorn Econet socket box.

 27 January 2007: Update information on Reuters board and split into seperate page.

17 January 2007: Added Watford Electronics Co Pro Adaptor.

16 January 2007: Technomatic Multiform Z80 second processor added. Acorn Music 500 added.

15 January 2007: Added some more Acorn User articles

13 January 2007: Completed the reorganisation of the site took longer than expected. I hope it is now easier to navigate. Also started adding magazine reviews from Acorn User (thanks to John Cartmell & Acorn Pubishing) and Personal Computer World.

10 January 2007: Significant reorganisaton of the site, aimed to make finding things more consistent.