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Some of my favorite links, most of them also occur in context elsewhere in this site. They were working when I created this page [2 June 2007] because I tested them. If they don't work now let me know.

Software for use with Chris's Acorns

David Snell's WebWonder used to create and maintain Chris's Acorns
Colin Granville's PDF Reader: !PDF to read documents, most are in pdf format.
Matthias Seifert's System Information and Configuration Kit: !SICK used to benchmark the relative performance of Achimedes computers.
J.Abbot & N.Smith's ARM Speed Indicator: !ARMSi also used to benchmark Archimedes computers.
The Netsurf  open-source browser for RISC OS now version 2.1.


Wikipedia: Acorn Computers
Philip R Banks: The Full Acorn Machine List
Richard Butler: History of Acorn & RISC OS 
Robert McMordie: Technical history of Acorn 
Paul Vigay: c.s.a FAQ 
Risc OS News: Drobe Launchpad 

System Computers

Mike Cowlishaw The Acorn Microcomputer  (a.k.a System 1)
F.J.Kraan The Acorn Atom pre-history 


K.Howell Acorn Atom Stuff
F.J.Kraan The Acorn Atom 
H.Haydn The Acorn Atom Review  

BBC Micro & Master

Robert Schmidt: The BBC Lives 
Mark Usher: BBC Documentation Project 
Chris Richardson: 8-Bit Software 
Dave Moore (dllm)'s Games Archive: Stairway to Hell 
Beebmaster collection of Beebs: Beebmaster 
Colin Fraser's: Hybrid Music System 
Yellowpig's Master 512  site


Electron Haven 
The Acorn Electron Lives! 

Domesday System

The Domesday Project 


Software Evolutions  Matthias Seifert's !SICK, Acorn 32 bit computer product codes and Risc OS versions
Arthur Lives!  The original Archimedes operating system.


PC cards  what they are and how they work

Post-Acorn RISC OS

Castle, manufacturers of the Iyonix and developers of RISC OS 5, now Iyonix Ltd
RISCOS Ltd, developers of RISC OS 4 and RISC OS 6.
RISC OS Open Ltd, "open" sourcing RISC OS 5 from Castle.
Stuart Tyrell Developments, hardware developers also linked to Advantage 6.
Advantage Six developers of the A9home and various PC-emulated RISC OS systems.
Virtual Acorn , developers of RISC OS emulation an Windows PCs and Apple Macs.


Beebmaster for networking BBC micros and Masters: Beebmaster 
Richard Murray's Econet Enthusiasts Area: heyrick 

Paul Vigay's  Networking pages
Microlynx  developers of Topcat which enables RISC OS computers to boot from Windows servers.


CJEmicro's , sells just about everything for the Acorn or RISC OS user or enthusiast.
APDL , supplies hardware and software for users of RISC OS (formerly Acorn) computer systems.
R-Comp , developers and resellers of network and other solution for RISC OS.


Archive, monthly subscription magazine for RISC OS Users published since 1987.
Qercus  (including Acorn User  & Acorn Publisher)

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