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This page has a collection of Acorn Clan factsheets and newsletters. Much of the information comes from other sites, especially Acorn Arcade . which published a short history of the Clan and a collection of factsheets and newsletters from Peter Howkins.
I have created all the PDFs on this page from documents in my possession, Peter Howkins scans can be found on Acorn Arcade .


Acorn founded a scheme for enthusiasts, called The Clan, at the 1994 Acorn World. There was a £15 joining fee and members received a sweat shirt and goodie bag.

Here is a Clan sweatshirt,
Here is a Clan t-shirt.
Here is a Risc PC pin.
Here is a Clan membership card .

In 1995 Chris Cox was appointed to run The Clan and to create a line of communication between Acorn and its enthusiasts. Acorn supplied early information on hardware and software products and technologies and Clan members provided feed back. Acorn also offered Clan members discounts on products from both Acorn and third parties.

Here are the Acorn Clan software discs.

When Acorn closed in 1998 The Clan closed with it.


These newsletter are printed with pictorial or cloured backgrounds and I have not been able to OCR them successfully. Therefore the files are PDF with JPEG page images in them and are correspondingly large.

Acorn Clan NewsletterAcorn Clan Newsletter  (14M)
Acorn Clan Newsletter May 1997Acorn Clan Newsletter May 97  (14M)
Acorn Clan Newsletter December 97Acorn Clan Newsletter December 97  (12M)
Acorn Clan Newsletter May 98Acorn Clan Newsletter May 98  (14M)
Acorn Clan Newsletter August 98Acorn Clan Newsletter August 98   (11M)

Factsheets etc.