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Computers includes descriptions and photographs of all the computers I own. I have examples of almost all of the computers Acorn sold and most that they made. Almost all of them are in (more or less) working condition and many of them have been restored to an approximation of their original condition. If you are looking for a details of an Acorn computer go here.


Companies includes all the companies for which I have something on Chris's Acorns. If you want to find a specific company go to Companies . This can be:

Indexed by function
These index the upgrades and expansions by function (e.g. IDE podules, memory expansions). If you what to find out about a specific type of upgrade try here:
8bit Upgrades by function
32bit Upgrades by function


This section covers Acorn networking which includes Econet and Ethernet networking, SJResearch Nexus, Acorn Access and Access Plus. It also includes a few other products such as Oak ClassNet, TorchNet, serial networking and bulletin boards.


This section is for all the odds and ends that don't fit anywhere else, it includes mugs, mouse mats, keyfobs and carrier bags! It may include show catalogues in future.

New products 

This section contains details of new (or relatively new) products for old Acorn computers, both BBC Micros/Masters and later RISC OS Computers are included.

Acorn product codes 

This table contains the Acorn (and Acornsoft) product code that I have identified so far. The information comes from price lists and other Acorn documents. It may be subject to regular revision and updates.


Some links to useful sites (in my opinion). This includes:

I hope they are useful to you.


A thank you to people who have given me Hardware, software, documentation or information used to better Chris's Acorns


This section list items I want to add to my collection. If you have any of these items and want them to go to a good home, please get in touch.

It is relatively easy to pick new upgrades from ebay or show charity stalls. But finding the documentation and software that originally shipped with it is much harder. Once you have installed the podule and configurured it, the installation instructions and the support disc get put "somewhere safe" even if you need to keep the User Guide to hand for a while. If you have unwanted installation instructions, user guides or support discs please contact me because I want them. You can tell if I already have them because they are will be listed under Software or Documents.